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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 18, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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america, but will casey sell and eventually profit from her story? and plus sears selling an ipad for $69, but that is a deal, but hold on, the store says it is a mistake and so should sears honor the mistakingly advertised price? it is the "newsnation" gut check. hello, everyone, i'm tamron hall, and the "newsnation" is following the news of rupert murdoch and the much-anticipated testimony before parliament. many are calling this the slow meltdown of his media empire. murdoch and his son, james, are expected to testify within the next 24 hours, and yet another resignation in the london police department. john yates has resigned as the deputy commissioner who decided not to reopen an investigation of the alleged hacking.
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his boss stepped down sunday citing speculation with the ties to the former "news of the editor" arrested last week and the defunct newspaper is accused of hacking into the phones of politicians, and even a murder victim. rebec rebekah brooks has been een resd as of this weekend, and we will see what is going to happen here with rupert murdoch and his son james tomorrow? >> well, that is certainly, that is the big question. and rupert murdoch and his son james, and rebekah brooks, who are appearing before the select committee have to be so careful, and so careful in fact, that rupert murdoch's biographers saying he is in rehearsals and being coached by aides and he is walking a fine line, because on one hand, he is under oath, and
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so like he and his son and rebekah brooks, they can't lie. if they do lie, it is a crime. so they have to be careful what they say. they can't mislead this group, but at the same time, they don't want to give too much away either, because this is such a reprehensible difficult and negative story that any facts on how to what extent the criminality of how far it went up the ladder at any of the companies as the facts come out, it could well, we could well see a drop from the bottom just out of news corporation. today, already, tamron, we saw a 5% jump in news corp stock in australia. so that the wheels of this amazing story just keep rolling along, and you mentioned in the lead that the resignations, and there have been four high-profile res ignations so
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far, the two top scotland yard officials, and there is no wrongdoing they say, but they were stepping down because they are too much of a distraction because of the media frenzy to do their job, and the ten arrests, and you mentioned rebecca brook, and all of this is leading to tomorrow. and we have to be careful, because it may be an anti-climax tomorrow with the tremendous amount of attention turning to this meeting, but i'm not so sure how much hard core information or information in general and any kind of spectacle this will make. this could be very have very low key certainly on the part of rupert murdoch who doesn't like, we understand, these types of meetings and he does not like this type of spotlight on him. back the you, tamron. >> all right. jim, i understand that we have news sound from the prime minister david cameron who cut short his trip in africa today and returning back for the testimony.
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let's pr ee's play what he has . >> what the government wants to do is what the whole country has to do which is to make sure we sort out this issue. we have a proper police investigation and proper inquiry of what went on at news corp, and "news of the world, and so that the contact between the journalists and the politicians are far more transparent than it is today. >> so, cameron there clearly standing his ground, tamron. you said he was in after in afr he is cutting that trip short, and he is going to have the prime minister answer some of the long list of unanswered questions with his long relationship with news corps, because remember he has seen the executives 15 times in the last ten months. >> and can rupert murdoch say anything before parliament to save his empire? and we will have an update in 20 minutes and see if murdoch is
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also worried about an investigation here in united states. and a new fight over whether to raise the debt ceiling or let america go into default. a new poll shows that americans are not happy with how to lawmakers are handling the negotiations and placing more blame on the republicans. the poll shows that 48% disapprove of president obama's actions and 71% say they disapprove of how republicans are handling the crisis and right now all of the action is behind the scene where there are two plans in play. tomorrow, the house republicans are planning to pass the cut, cap and balance act which will raise the ceiling by $2.4 trillion by cut the deficit by $111 billion by next year, and senator mitch mcconnell and harry reid are twill tweaking the plan they are going to give to president obama to raise the
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debt ceiling in exchange for the cuts. but in the last hour, president obama says thatle po ti le ppol to be set aside to make progress be made. >> we can't let politics stand in the way of doing the right thing in washington. we can't stand on the way when it comes to doing the right thing on deficits. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me live from capitol hill, and we know though that sides disagree on what is the right thing and how the handle it. >> exactly. there are a couple of developments happening. first of all, senator harry reid, the majority leader is saying that the senate will stay in session through the weekend and right up to the august 2nd deadline or when it resolves itself, so it is extra work for senators and the staffs, and on the agreement of reid and mcconnell, that is largely the work of staffers behind the scenes and the general outlines are there, but there is a ways to go, and because the president has issued a veto threat on the cut, cap and balance as it is
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known that you mentioned that the house is likely to pass tomorrow, that triggered a new response from speaker john boehner and that is a written statement that says, it gives you a sense of what speaker boehner's view is. he describes it as unfortunate veto and shows that it is not congressional in action, a defense of his own side, but rather the president's unwillingness to do more cutting and it says further that the white house needs to show more courage. for speaker boehner politically, he needs to keep the most conservative and perhaps most contentious members of the republican side in the house on board. they really like this cut, cap and balance idea. they believe it is why they were sent to washington. so, there is going to be a vote on that expected tomorrow, and it is expected to hit the house side, but it will hit trouble in the senate, so that the politics in play here gives each party a chance to make important statements, and of course, leaders are saying that they will find a way to get it done, but there is a lot of hurdles to cover between now and then.
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tamron? >> all right. kelly o'donnell live for us on capitol hill. thank you, kelly. and president obama today officially nominated former ohio attorney general richard cordray to lead the consumer financial protection bureau. the bureau will serve as a watchdog over credit card, mortgage and other financial agencies and opens thursday. there is a heat advisory or several heat advisories or warnings in 17 states and the thermometer will top 100 in 40 states, so that the humidity with temperature combined in minnesota felt like 112 degrees. no relief in sight as cities like chicago and omaha will be near 80. and that is the lows. maria is tracking the heat wave from the headquarters in atlanta, and the sad thing, maria, is that we could see this
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for a few weeks and no relief in the immediate future? >> no, tam rron. you can think of this as the boss of weather systems and as long as it stays put, it is going to have the heat stay put. it will stay through the central partf of the country, and we will see minneapolis and st. louis stay over the 90 and heat index well into 105, but thursday, you will see the impacts and the influence will shift off to the east and now pittsburgh and burlington well over 90, and thursday in the yellow, the temperatures above average, and already the hottest time of the year anyway but you get five or ten above the average and it is significant and now the high is centered right over the northeast and so from new york to philadelphia to d.c., not only 90, but the humidity as a factor as well. and once again, tamron, we are talking about a lot of people feeling like it is over 100 degrees. >> all right. maria larosa, thank you. and meanwhile, tropical
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storm bret is turning towards the babahamas, and forecasters y that bret will stay clear of the florida coast, and take a path out into the atlantic. and where is casey anthony? some say she will have a difficult life because of the lynch mob mentality that some people have. plus -- >> and you are saying any community if they want to ban a mosque -- >> wait until you hear the response from presidential candidate for the republicans h herman cain having him called un-american. >> and first mila kunis and then justin timberlake and is betty white the next to accept a proposal? we have the latest in the scoop. [ male announcer ] sitting, waiting, hoping. that's not how successful investing is done. at e-trade it's harnessing some of the most powerful
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welcome back to "newsnation," and she left prison sunday morning with little more than $500 in her pocket.
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>> baby killer! >> murderer! >> you could hear the people screaming murderer and baby killer as casey anthony left jail. but two big questions remain, where is casey anthony, and how will she take care of herself now that she has no job and no support from the parents and she has few resources for support? so does this mean she has to sell her story? well, one of the defense attorneys cheney mason gave a glimpse into casey anthony's future. >> we hope that she is going to be able to find a way to improve her education, which she wants to, and get employment, and that is going to be tough. we recognize that. i don't know how long it is going to take. as far as all of the rumors about paid interviews and books, movies and so forth, there has been no truth to any of that. >> nbc's kerry sanderers joining me live from orlando, and kerry, many people would like to know, and if there is even an answer at this point, who is helping casey anthony beyond the legal team who has supported her since
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she was found not guilty? >> i think that cheney mason said that there is no truth to that at the moment that he was saying that. i'm not sure if there is a deal in the offing, because, as you pointed out, here is a 25-year-old woman who has no source of income, can't really go back into society and necessarily take a job, and i have spoken to security experts who say that she is in many ways a target, because of her notoriety, and so, she has to find a way to find income. she left the jail here in orlando with little over $500 from the commissary account. if she got on a private jet which is what we believe she may have done after she left the jail here and got into the suv and the suv sped down the street, and some news he helicopters pursued it, but in the downtown area that suv somehow lost the cameraman in and amongst the buildings and then a short time later, there was a similar-looking suv at a municipal airport here and somebody who looked awfully young in the 25-year-old age
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group looking somewhat like her dashing out of the car and going over to a hangar and again the helicopters were 1,000 feet, and hard to say whether it was casey anthony, and then a short time later that plane took off, and there are certain requirements, in our federal laws, and so we took the tail numbers and asked the federal government where that plane went, and they said columbus, ohio, but there is no passenger manifest, and we don't know where that plane went and the owners have not revealed who was on it, and we have reached out to them, and so at this point, it is a mystery other than the attorneys said they wanted her to vanish and wanted her to disappear because of all of the anger not only in this community, but many parts of the country. >> all right. kerry, thank you very much, and greatly appreciate it, following this one to the very end. thank you, kerry. >> on the website of politico, it says that gay rights groups are planning to ramp up attacks on michele bachmann. they say that michele bachmann
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is the very definition of a target-rich environment and she will have a hard time appearing as a reasonable mainstream candidate. well, the minnesota congresswoman has taken heat over the past weeks for previous anti-gay comments and a marriage pact she signed saying that homosexuality is a choice. and meanwhile, her husband is denying that access to their facility is to pray away the gay. nationally syndicated talk show host michael smerconish is joining us now, and michael, you wrote about a young man who would be a perfect supporter for michele bachmann, but there is one thing about him that she stated clearly that she does not support. >> he's a really good friend of mine and a former intern for my radio program ben hayman or as i used to call him notre dame hayman, because if there was
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ever an environment that caused him stragts or gay, he was educated by jesuits and conservative family and catholic and someone who worked for sarah palin and john mccain and worked for a host of republicans and he is gay. it belies the notions of the michele bachmanns that it is the environment or a choice, and instead, ben would tell you that it was the hand he was dealt or as he said on the radio, why do you think that someone would choose the path of most resistance which the gay lifestyle unfortunately still is? i think that these words of her whether it is the satanic reference or of the husband of the barbarian comment or who knows what else is out there in tape that we will see is going to be a death knell for a general election for the michele bachmann and no way moderates and independents will ever vote for her when they hear this. >> and obviously, the camp realizes this, and i'm curious that, michael, it is one thing for obviously people say they disagree with congresswoman
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bachmann and that things she says is hateful and i am interested of the people who want to change their opinion and say that is her view and she subscribes to that or i do or you do not or ben does not have to vote for her and move on, but i want to know how the husband's clinic wants the pray away the gay or others want to pray or inject into her their thoughts and philosophies and beliefs and i'm intrigued by that and why not accept her for who she is and who she says she is and then decide whether you are willing to vote for someone like that or with that ideology? >> well, yeah, you raise a good point of how people are battling or so it would seem for her opinion on this matter. i thought that the best opinion in the last 24, 48 hours on these things was mayor giuliani when he said that republicans and i think that he was thinking of this particular example was that republicans need to get out of the bedroom, and isn't that the true conservative opinion, one that says, allow me to lead my life as i see fit and you
2:20 pm
lead yours as we see fit and we will be respecting of the other's individual choice. i can't think of something more in line with the conservative philosophy than that. >> well, it is interesting and the article is also interesting. ben sounds like a great kid. >> well, he is a good guy, a hell of a guy. thank you. coming up on "newsnation" next. >> a small community takes on a giant auto maker decades after ford dumped dead lay toxins right on to their land and i will talk to the man fighting for justice chronicled in a new hbo documentary that airs tonight. we will give you a preview. and terrifying moments for a congressman as an intruder breaks into his home, and holds his family at gunpoint and attacks his daughter. what happens next? the details are coming up. time for "your business" entrepreneur of the week.
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welcome back to "newsnation." tonight on hbo, a powerful new
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documentary examines a small community's big legal battle against one of the country's leading companies, "man versus ford" takes us into the class action suit of the tribe that is take on ford over industrial waste dumped on their land. over the years, the tribe has reported skin rashes, cancers and miscarriages reportedly caused by the toxins that were reportedly cleaned nup the '80s. >> what i have in my body, no human being should have. >> it destroyed my life. >> it is full of paint. >> there is almost nobody in the group who is healthy. >> ford will pay. this is punishment time. >> i won't change what happened to us. i won't stop this fight. i don't care where i have to go or what i have to do. >> i am joined by the director and the community leader wayne mann the lead plaintiff in the case. thank you very much and we greatly appreciate it. mr. mann, tell me what life is
2:25 pm
like for the members of the tribe and the toxins and the cancers and the miscarriage, but it is bigger, because it affects almost every person. >> yeah, it is really, really tough. and the tougher that i think that the toughest part about it is that you would find out so many decades later about hazards in your community that could affect life and take life. >> and has effectively taken lives. >> yes. and you are always told that, you know, the cleanup was done, and the toxins were there, but they would not harm you. >> and you take is through that it is an epic battle between the members of this tribe and ford and again, one of the most successful companies in the country, and to me, it is stunning that the problem was acknowledged and supposed to be cleaned up, but it wasn't. >> i know. it is a dual story in that way, because it is the david and the goliath battle between not only ford motor company, but the epa whose job it is to oversee
2:26 pm
ford's cleanup of the wastes there. are a lot of reasons that it may have happened in the first place, but no reason that it shouldn't be and i hope will be cleaned up. >> and ford actually had a plant on the land? >> not right on the land. the ford plant was the largest plant in north america at that time started in the 1950s and a lot of toxic sludge, and paint sludge and carcinogens. >> ended up seeping into the land? >> well, they picked it up in trucks and moved it as we still move toxic wastes off of sites and hope to contain them and sometimes driving up to canada and different places, but in this case, they drove a neat ten or so miles and dumped it right on the land in which wayne's family and the sort of tribe have been living for over 250 years. >> well, there are some people who ask, mr. mann, why didn't your tribe move once they knew that the land and the toxins were there and the cancer rates were increasing, and lives were
2:27 pm
being lost? why were you not able to move? >> because it has been our home for centuries. that was the main reason that it stayed, you know, they found a piece of land, and became home. so, how do you leave home after 250 years? you don't just pick up and leave. >> combined with the fact that a lot of the properties were vastly devalued wubs once it wa recognized as a super dump sight, and so we are not talking about people who can take money and move from this place to another. >> and as mr. mann said, this is your home and why should you p pack up and leave your home? well, we contacted ford and they did not give an interview for the producers of the documentary but they gave a statement that ford takes environmental responsibility seriously and they have shown through the
2:28 pm
actions in upper ringwood that are related to ford, and moving forward ford will work closely with the epa in the new jersey department of environment and the development of final e remediation plan to fix the site. that is the latest statement, and we thank you mr. mann, and the tribe the best and what eyes are open for the documentary. >> yes, we hope everybody watches tonight on hbo. >> and we will tell you why major giuliani is telling people to stay the heck out of people's bedrooms. and j-lo and mark anthony's personal relationship may be coming to an end, but that may not affect their professional lives. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go,
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2:32 pm
millionaire's 6-year-old dies after falling from his mansion days after his girlfriend is found dead inside of his home. and breaking news, a key player in the british phone scandal invading rupert murdoch's empire has been found dead. and plus today's gut check, sears mistakingly puts the ad for ipad to be $69 and then cancels the orders of those who ordered at that price, but sears says it is a mistake. and we start with the southern historic mansion led with 6-year-old max shackny, the son of the millionaire's mansion dies at the bottom of the stairs at the same place where the father's girlfriend was found dead. rebeccaz ahou was found hanging,
2:33 pm
and police still say they cannot determine if the deaths were murder or accident. this is amazing when you factor in the mysterious death of this 6-year-old little boy? >> well, the police will not release many information because of the two bizarre deaths happening at this house within two days, but starting with the death of 32-year-old rebecca zahou who was found dead here last thursday and investigators say a man called 911 after he saw her hanging from the second story balcony. and when the police got here, she had her hands tied behind her back and the legs bound together and there was a rope around her neck. the investigators say that the man who called 911 is the brother of jonah shacknai who owns the home and rebecca's boyfriend, and he was not here
2:34 pm
in the incident and two days prior to the death of her, jonah's son, 6-year-old max fell down a flight of stairs here and died over the weekend according to his parents who released a statement yesterday. but investigators say that they don't believe that the deaths are connected. they say with the female's death, it is not ruled a homicide or suicide and investigators say when they arrived on scene here, they found suspicious items in the house and they have not released many details and their investigation continues today, tamron. >> and what is the little boy's mother saying if anything at this point, miguel, as we stated it was the father's girlfriend and the son, but what is the biological mother saying? >> well, together they say that they were grieving and they have asked for privacy so they did not release any details the about their son's death or about
2:35 pm
the death investigation that is happening here at the house. so certainly many of the main players involved in the case are not talking. we tell you that last week, the former district attorney, a prominent high profile defense attorney here in san diego was seen walking into the mansion behind me, and he would not talk to reporters or give specifics about who he could be potentially representing, so that is another case in this bizarre case, tamron. >> thank you, miguel. and now the decision 2012 and the big headlines coming from the republican headlines, herman cain's muslim problems, and mayor rudy giuliani says that the republicans need to get out of people's bedrooms, and michele bachmann says she does not feel that the deficit deadline is real, and we have deputy director of news mark murray joining us. let me play to you what herman cain had to say sunday morning in an interview on fox. okay. i am told we don't have it just
2:36 pm
yet, mark, but the bottom line is that herman cain has gained traction and popularity while on the campaign trail, and he has on several occasions discussed muslims and mosques and here is the latest we have here on fox, his comments. >> don't americans have a right of whatever religion under the constitution that you speak so much about to free speech and freedom to worship? >> to the people in murphreesboro, it is hallowed ground. they are objecting to the intentions of trying to get shariah law. >> so you are saying any community that wants to ban a mosk? >> yes, they have a right to do that. >> and he was asked about who might want to ban african-americans from areas and the civil rights history that he has experienced, and he said it was different. is that going to hurt herman cain, because he is not a but .
2:37 pm
>> and he said something similar in the new hampshire debates. you are right, there is a problem here, andhere is a certain segment of the republican base that probably eats this up, but it does bring up either a ideological or constitutional problems for example in provo, utah, in the heart of mormonism, could the heart of that community say that the jewish synagogue could not be created or say in a very jewish area of brooklyn if they wanted to say that the baptist church could not be there? those are very, very big questions, and really go to the heart of why herman cain probably isn't going to be at the top tier of the candidates at the very end of the day. >> and rudy giuliani has not announced he will run again, but he has strong words for some republicans, and let's play what he has to say and get your reaction to it. >> i think that marriage should be between a man and woman, but i think that the republican party is well advised to get the heck out of people's bedrooms and let these things be decided
2:38 pm
by the states. >> is that like shouting in the forests and will the words have any impact, mark? >> well, it is unclear if he is going to get into the race or not, and in 2008 he did run for president and he did so as a pro choice, pro abortion rights supporter, and he didn't go anywhere, and in fact, he won one delegate during that entire republican primary season, and there is just not really room on the republican party for someone who favors abortion rights. >> and last but not least, congresswoman bachmann who says that she says that no matter the evidence that is proven that the august 2nd date is, what she called smoke and mirrors, and she does not believe in it, and she will not vote to increase the debt ceiling. >> that is right, and not just her, but tim pawlenty, and other republicans running for president. michele bachmann has said she will support the jim demint cap cut, and that type of balanced budget amendment that is going to come up to the floor on the
2:39 pm
house and the senate this week. she will vote for that. however, that is not going to pass particularly in the senate at the end of the day, and whatever debt ceiling compromise that comes up, she will be expected the vote against it. >> all right. mark murray, thank you very much. a couple of big headlines out there to follow. greatly appreciate it. we have breaking news on the british hacking scandal. just a short time ago police say that shawn horde, who is a reporter who is accused of hacking in the scandal is found dead in his apartment, and we are told that it is not considered suspicious, but we want to say that the authority says that the death of the man is not suspicious at this point, but obviously, he is one of the first if not the first reporter of the new york times to go the talk about the widespread hacking scandal. >> he was key to the scandal, and you are right, the police say the death is not suspicious, but it is unexpected so there are going to be lots of
2:40 pm
questions a about this, and the reporter was not only the first person to publicly allege as a former em employee of "news of the world" that andy colson knew all about it, and he said he had listened to tapes of hacking of the editor's office and he had been instructed by andy colson to do it. so what he did with that evidence was link directly to people at the very top of the scandal, because don't forget that andy colson is a former editor who went on the work for david cameron as british prime minister as the communications chief, and that is what brings the scandal close to the people at the very top, and very close to downing street, and he was a key figure of making the links. >> and this is happening a day before rupert murdoch and his son, james, will be testifying before parliament. and earlier we heard that themp the from rupert murdoch will not live up to all of the hype surrounding the story. what do you hear and what is expecting to go down tomorrow? >> a general suspicion that they will say as little as possible.
2:41 pm
the murdochs are not being accustomed to ask questions like that, and people will want to say they are not afraid of the murdochs and they will be cheeky as they can b and the chances are that they will hide behind the lawyers and say as little as they k and they will keep repeating that they don't want the interfere with any of the police investigations, and rebecca brooks is up in front of the parliamentary committee, too, and she was arrested yesterday, but it gives her a certain cover that she cannot dare say in public anything that would harm the police investigation. >> but if that is the strategy and we see rupert murdoch holding back that this is all being investigated, how does that help him to get control of the situation? because many have said that the 80-year-old is taking pride to be in front of the scandal or being the artist of the spin, if you will, but now if he testifies and he is cagey tomorrow, that seems that it would be more damaging? h. >> well, better than losing the
2:42 pm
temper with the mps and creating a major scene which will keep the story going, which is another possibility that people are sfpeculating about. they have lost control of the scandal a week ago and they said they would not appear in front of this committee, and then an hour later, they said they would turn up afterall, and it is a while since they could say they are ahead of the scandal. when murdoch tried to do that by giving an interview to the "wall street journal," people ridic e ridiculed him when he said that they had handled the crisis very, very well. at the moment, they have to try to not make it any worse and the way they will do that is by saying little as possible in front of the hearing. it is crucial for rupert murdoch, because there is a hearing at bskyb to see whether they want to keep james murdoch on, and how he performs will be crucial to his future with news international and news corporation. >> is there any word of the ininvestigation here in the states? >> well, he has to be wor wirie
2:43 pm
about it, because there was an resignation trying to stop it from crossing the channel. abas y and as you know the fbi is investigating and many calling for murdoch to be in front of congress answering questions here in washington, and of course, hayes to e has to be wo about this, because he has far more money invested in america than the uk. >> thank you for the latest on the scandal. and coming up the final harry potter installment shatters a box office record. and courtney hazlett has the numbers in the scoop. first, a lot going on today and here are some things that we thought you should know. a shocking encounter for a congressman late saturday night. an armed eed intrudered entere farm home and he struggled with the intruder attempting to disarm him, and the intruder ran away, and the family says they are shaken up, but nobody was
2:44 pm
seriously injured. and former images of the south african nelson mandela marking his 90th birthday with his family and he celebrated in the eastern cape province, and celebrated with his children and family and they called for all south africans to do 90 minutes of charity work to spend the years that he spent in jail for human rights and democracy. and the san francisco giants will be honored at the white house, and the president commends the team for their efforts to give back to the community off of the field. those are the things we thought you should know. the best way to design a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately.
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i'm ezra klein in for martin bashir, and the debt deal that might have happened, but the deficit and the one that won't happen even though the republicans want it to. and the deal that should happen and that might actually make a
2:48 pm
difference. plus, why elizabeth warren's snub may be a curse for the gop in 2012. so, there is a question out there, will betty white be the next celebrity to be going to the nice ball on the arm of a marine? j-lo and mark anthony over. and a record-breaking weekend for harry potter and fans. let's get the scoop from today' pop culture courtney hazlett and i love this betty white story. i feel that we were doing too many last year. >> and we have talked about this, we are over betty white, but not in the case, because she is the latest in the string of celebrities to be asked to a marine corps ball, and take a look at her invitation. >> i would like to take betty white. she's just funny. she's sweet. she's mature. she's the all-around perfect woman. i really think that we would have a good time. >> i love it. >> the perfect woman. i love it.
2:49 pm
>> and you have to like wonder what point does this stop? i mean is this -- >> why does it have to stop? that is an excellent point. i love that mila kunis and justin timberlake were on the "today" show talking about their new film, but of course, the invitations came up and they handled it fantastically, and you have to hear it. >> marines have the balls. >> semper fi has been replaced by marines have balls. >> we wanted to embrace and honor our country and embrace the balls. >> it is like a "saturday night live" segment, and if you want to entire thing i have it up in scoop, and didn't want to keep saying marines and -- i won't go to. >> and they are going with it. >> they confirmed it yet again on lester holt on "today" they are going to the balls and they are separate ball, because depending upon the unit and if
2:50 pm
you are abroad or not. and so we are waiting on betty white. and j-lo announced in friday that they were splitting up and they did it at announcing 5:30 p.m. on friday when none of us had a chance to talk about it, so we are talking about it today. a lot of questions for the future, especially with some of the show biz endeavors. they announced not long ago they would be doing a reality show in latin america, and that show is still supposed to go on. it is supposed to film that however awkwardly this fall, and "american idol" is not ruled out which does not have to commit to it yet, because she has tons of time to commit it to, and a movie in between these things, and so stay tuned for more news on that. >> okay. >> and how many of you saw this movie over the weekend? not that movie. that is obviously not it. >> ohharry potter sure looks li jlo. well, we are talking about harry potter here.
2:51 pm
take a look. >> what are you doing here? harry potter. >> there is voldemort there, and he who shall not be named and we are talking about him a lot because the fill made $168.8 million over the weekend and beating the "dark knight's" record, and those who are math majors find out that it is $173 million in today's prices and some harry potter haters are saying that "dark knight" did win, but that did set a single opening price, and those kids are not hurting for the future. >> that is right. and thank you, courtney. and we will wait for the extended version of marines got balls as said by justin timberlake. well, lester holt said it first. [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market requires decisive action.
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time for the "newsnation" gut check. well, what seemed like an amazing deal on went viral friday and sent online shoppers scrambling to get a brand new ipad. mistakingly advertised the apple ii ipad for $69 and many people took advantage including a mom who says that her son relies on it for homework, but sears canceled the order for those who ordered it at $69. they said that the error was made by a third-party vendor, and they would not honor the deal, and they have credited the credit cards, and many people are outraged and vowing to never shop at sears. i used to work at sears by the way. what is your gut telling you? should sears honor the customers orders on the ipads even though it is mistakingly underpriced.
2:56 pm
go to news to cast your vote. and friday we asked if cursive writing should be optional or mandatory in the schools? and 16% said optional and 84% said mandatory, and i agree with you. that does it for the monday edition of "newsnation." you can check us at 2:00 p.m. weekdays and ezra klein is in for martin bashir next. you name it. i've tried it. but nothing's helped me beat my back pain. then i tried this.
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good afternoon, i'm ezra klein in for martin bashir on this monday, july 18th, and here is what is happening. just bad enough to pass. washington is finally getting closer to an agreement on raising the debt ceiling, but are they getting closer to a good deal? well, maybe you feel like bad des. and now a mo that may haunt the gop come 2012. and abandon


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